The Rectangle Robot Coming Soon!

I wanted to update the progress for those interested in the upcoming Rectangle Robot action figure. While building the replica, I went ahead and ordered the mold and cast materials. I also received the decal sheets that I will use for the names and braille. You may have also noticed that I have installed an e-commerce store so that I can sell directly to those interested in purchasing an action figure. To help with initial material costs I will be creating a few custom one shot figures. These will most likely be the first items in the store. One will include a somewhat disabled and dismantled Rectangle Robot.

I have had to start over a few times due to my own mistakes and refining of the details. Each time I review footage I realize I made an error. But as of Sunday night, I believe I have finally created the most accurate version I can. The photo below is actually one of my mistakes but it shows my construction process. I’m using sheet styrene, that I scribe to make very thin and very clear panel lines. I cannot get this with my 3D printer. Once the panel lines are scribed, I will cement them together with some internal support structure. After some cleanup work I will then cast two of the segments over and over and over again. Each segment will include magnets for the joints.


Keep an eye on the website for more updates. I will be posting detailed progress more frequently in my Twitter feed if you like that sort of thing.