TARS Survey Results or “Where We’re Going” (track 16)

So far the survey has received 32 responses. Let’s start with the most important question.

How much are you willing to pay?

  • Less than $25= 16%
  • $25= 43%
  • $50= 31%
  • $75= 7%
  • $100= 2%
  • More than $100= 0%

Looks like most would pay $25-$50 for an action figure. Not surprising at all to me and that might work with one caveat I’ll discuss after the results of the next 2 important questions.

Do you want an unfinished kit or a finished and ready to display action figure?

  • Unfinished= 13%
  • Finished= 26%

Do you want articulation?

  • Yes= 31%
  • No=3%

So this tells me most folks want a finished and articulated action figure for $25, some willing to pay $50. I don’t think that I could create an articulated and finished action figure for less than $50. The project time, build complexity, components, paint, etc. adds up. Therefore I’m thinking of creating 3 options.

  • Option 1 would be at the $25 price point and be an unpainted and unfinished kit with the components necessary to create your own finished and fully articulated action figure.
  • Option 2 would also be at the $25 price point (maybe a little less) for an unarticulated figure with a basic finish.
  • Option 3 would be at are just above the $50 price point. It would be a premium figure with a detailed finish and full articulation.

Much of this will depend on what materials and build process I use, so price points may change. In that regard I have been working with various materials and ways to produce the figure quickly and at a high quality. At this point I’m thinking that producing the figure using tradition methods and materials is the best way to go. Old school model making! I love 3D printing but for an item of this size, I cannot get the quality I need with my Reprap. So that means building a master and casting it. Stay tuned for more on my build process.

TARS Test Materials

My goal is to produce the 3 purchase options before the movie Interstellar is released to home video, when interest will most likely peak. But the time I can devote to this project is limited, so time will tell. I’ll leave the survey up and you are always welcome to leave a comment.

TARS Action Figure Survey