TARS Action Figure Build Continues

The TARS Action Figure build continues, if at a slow pace. I have finished the putty/sanding phase and applied my last primer coat. What minor imperfections and scratches remain, will in my mind add character to a robot that has seen some off world action. I also sanded the raised TARS letters and braille down so it isn’t as prominent. The letters are not raised above the surface on the movie prop. They are etched into the metal surface. But since this is an action figure at a small scale I wanted the name to stand out a little more.

TARS Build Final stages

For the joints, I plan to use Neodymium magnets. To that end I used a drill bit and enlarged the existing joint holes by hand. I was concerned that a powered drill might split or crack the ABS plastic. The next step will be to use a soldering iron to melt the plastic at the base of the holes and press the magnets into the molten plastic. Afterward I’ll use epoxy to fill any gaps around the magnets. I may even put a thin layer over these powerful magnets. Once that is completed I will start on the final paint finish. That will most likely be a blog post all it’s own. I’m still not sure what I want to do for the panel lines. Scoring the lines may not work, the putty will most likely crack or crumble. Thin black decal strips might be the safest option.

TARS Build Final stages and magnets

The final part will be to cut clear plastic squares for the display screens. All of the screens except for the top two are dark. I’ll paint them black on the inside surface. The top two will be left clear with the display screen inserts behind them.

TARS Build Final stages together