Robots, Raptors and Keys

Sorry for the lack of updates, but it’s been a very busy few months. Due to some other projects the Rectangle Robot project got put on hold. Although I was able to test new mold and casting materials which I plan to use for producing the robot.

But never fear, the Rectangle Project is now back at the top spot of my projects. I plan on producing some test castings and will offer these prototype customs for sale to help defray the initial cost of more mold and casting supplies. Once I am happy with the results the model will go into production and I will start taking orders. The first run will be limited to 20 figures.  I will announce the releases and price through the Newsletter. So if you want to be the first to get one, please sign up.

The other two projects both involved producing replicas. I started building both in SketchUp and then printing the 3D model on my 3D printer. I then used various finishing techniques to complete them. I produced replicas of various types of ancient keys that would have been used thousands of years ago. Some being proto-keys made out of wood. The other replica project was creating a “terrible claw” belonging to the Deinonychus. This was the dinosaur Michael Crichton modeled his oversized Velociraptors on in Jurassic Park. I also used the mold to cast partial claw tips that I used to make necklaces.

If you are interested in the ancient keys or terrible claw projects, I will be posting in-depth articles next week. Until then you can see my terrible claws for sale in my Etsy store.

2015-06-19 10.54.06-1Terrible claws