Color me TARS

The Model Master Metalizer sprays come faster than I anticipated. I picked up Steel, Titanium, and Gunmetal. I think I’ll start with titanium and gunmetal, spraying one segment for each color. After buffing, I’ll try to make a final decision.

TARS color choices

As of writing this, the segments are drying. Instructions say I can buff the finish in one hour. So as soon as that is accomplished, I will post the results. The titanium is as dark as the gunmetal. Hopefully buffing will make the difference.

It’s an hour later and time to buff! Even before the buff I’m leaning towards gunmetal.

TARS color buff

Yep, I think gunmetal is the choice, it looks like a good match to the movie prop to me.

TARS color samples

Now to paint all four segments gunmetal!