TARS’ Magnetic Personality

This is an update to my TARS Action Figure build.

I’ve given TARS a coat of satin black which looks good but is no where near the proper color. I’ve got titanium and gun metal Model Master Metalizer Lacquer Sprays on order. I’m hoping one of these will come close to the movie prop’s color. These are buffing metalizer sprays, so I should be able to get a decent shine on the finish. This will be a “try it and see” process for sure. But that will have to be another update.

Now to the joints. The 18 neodymium magnets have been glued in place and I think they work really well as you will see.

TARS Segments with magnets

I was able to pose TARS in his various modes of travel. First is the Crutch Walk.

TARS Crutch Walk

Next we have the Ape Walk.

TARS Ape Walk

Finally we have the most spectacular modes of locomotion. The Wheel!

TARS Wheel Walk

I’m very pleased with how this prototype has turned out. I’ve learned a lot that I can apply to the next version for even better results. While I wait for the paint, I’ll begin work on the clear plastic squares for the displays. I’ll need to find a sheet of the right thickness and then cut them to size. I will also need to find a way to represent the panel lines, but that solution still escapes me. Until next time.