Sig Sauer P-229 Prop

I had the privilege of playing a police officer in a stage play a few years ago. It was left to me to decide what type of policeman. Since the scene took place in Virginia and involved a traffic accident, I figured a State Trooper would be involved. I put together the uniform and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. More for fun than necessity I decided to make a fairly accurate reproduction of the VA State Trooper’s usual pistol, the Sig Sauer P-229. Below are the reference photos I used.

7120_AccuMold Defender Duty Holster 964155 1287725902 P229-1-Nitron-detail-R

From the start I wanted the pistol and the holster to be one piece so that there was no chance of the gun being mistaken for the real thing. The pistol would not need to be ultra detailed since the play was on a stage in a large coliseum with plenty of distance from the audience. I decided to make it out of MDF board, paint and cloth. One pistol would be standard issue, the other custom for the Captain. Below are the results and even up close many thought they might have been real. It was a fun and quick build that ended with great results.

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