TARS Lines and Shines

Just a brief update on my TARS build.

I’ve finished adding panel lines using dry transfer decals. These were the only thin black lines I could find in decal form, I would have much preferred waterslide decals. I do not recommend ever using dry transfers if you want accuracy. Not being able to see exactly where you are laying down the decal is the biggest issue. That said I think it worked to give the model the appearance of panel lines.

TARS panel lines startedTARS panel lines

Once the decal application was finished I sprayed it over with a high gloss clear coat. The movie TARS has a near mirror finish. This is just about impossible to recreate with paint, at least to my knowledge and ability. But I wanted to achieve something close to a reflective surface and the high gloss was the route I took.

Shining TARS

The final steps will be to cut the display screen squares and apply some weathering. The final update will include those final steps and be in the form of a long form webpage. It will include everything in the blog posts plus new material. Stay tuned!