My honesty setting is at 100 percent.

Let me start by apologizing about the lack of updates and most of all lack of a TARS 1:12 scale figure. Much has happened in my life that delayed work. I have never tried to create an action figure to sell and it’s not something I had planned to do. But there was so much interest in my one-off TARS figure I felt I should try. I have since devoted much time and money on the project. But I could not produce a TARS that I would want to offer or much less sell. So I stepped away from it and during that time life filled in that space. But there has been a development that has brought me back to the project.

Part of the problem with producing a TARS figure with my current 3D printer is that the layer resolution is too low for the detail required to produce panel lines. Even good prints on my printer requires a lot of finishing work. This is really the root cause of my inability to produce the figure. The old school techniques I know are not working out either. Thankfully I have worked out a deal where I will have a ATOM 2.0 printer in my workshop. Part of the deal is I must create model railroading kits but it will also allow me to produce the TARS figure. This printer is a FDM printer and therefore uses filament. But unlike many printers of that type it can print at SLA printer resolutions. The ATOM printer can print layer thicknesses of 0.05mm/50 microns. This will allow me to print the TARS action figures at high resolution with nice thin panel lines! I have since started work on a new digital model of TARS with panel lines well within the printer’s 0.05mm build range. You can see the new segments under construction here…

Here is a closeup of the panel lines…

ATOM TARS panel line closeup

The printer takes 6-8 weeks for delivery so there is more waiting. But you have waited patiently so far and I hope you can go a little further. The Atom printer comes as a kit and I plan on documenting the construction here. I will also chronicle what I hope is the conclusion of the TARS action figure project.

Thank you for your interest and hopefully you can keep your patience setting set to at least 75 percent!