Be in the know!

So I have all the supplies I need to produce the first small run of Rectangle Robot figures. I’m currently working on the master that I will cast and reproduce. But I have run into some unexpected needs. For instance, to get the best results the silicone used to create the castings should be de-gased. This requires a vacuum chamber. I can easily build one but this is an unexpected cost. I will also need to purchase more paints, etc. to finish the action figures. So to help gather funds I will be selling a few one-shot special edition action figures. These will be custom built and painted. I will also be selling the first run of action figures at a lower cost. Subsequent runs or editions will cost more.

Therefore, to help those of you interested in the action figures I will be announcing their sale first in my Newsletter. If you would like to have the first opportunity to purchase an action figure or see more details about this project please sign up. A link to the Newsletter sign up form can be found in the menu above or to the right of each Post page.